Song Of The Day 5/2/2013: Geordie - "Ten Feet Tall"

LOS ANGELES - Welp, here it is, Day 7 of Metal Week, and tonight the whole ordeal ends in one big metal orgy. I won't actually be in the orgy itself, I'll be managing XML files pertaining to the orgy in a room in a separate part of the building. But I'm sure my presence will be felt at the orgy. You can watch this orgy on television, or better yet you can watch it on Xbox Live which will be my primary area of concern. And then, poof, just like that I return to adult contemporary. Let's enjoy the special memories we had of Metal Week with this song from Brian Johnson's pre-AC/DC band Geordie. Which almost rhymes with "orgy." It all comes together, doesn't it? (So to speak.)

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