Song Of The Day 7/1/2013: Double Dee & Steinski - "Jazz"

Sorry I'm late with today's SOTD. (Well, an hour and 45 minutes isn't that much of a crime, since this published at 12:01am every day.) I have actually been working on music this evening. By that I mean, drum loops and samples. I haven't done that kind of stuff in a couple of years, since before I got this Mac. I'm still tinkering with it. It's very, very amateur sound collaging. There's not enough spatial separation for me -- too much seems centered on the center, speaker-wise. I'm tinkering with it. I'm no Rick Rubin. Or whoever does those things nowadays. It's a comic piece. I'll give it away to you for free in a few days. In the meantime, hear electronic sample-based music as it's supposed to be, from the legendary duo of Double Dee & Steinski.

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