Song Of The Day 12/12/2013: Original Cast Of "The Bathrooms Are Coming" - "My Bathroom"

This is from an industrial musical record entitled The Bathrooms Are Coming.

As per the liner notes:
The Bathrooms Are Coming premiered a new decade of bathroom fixtures born out of exhaustive human and product research by American-Standard. The story began with the introduction of a mythical Greek goddess Femma, the epitome of all women’s attitudes, reflections and desires and the leader of all women’s movements. In the play Femma is called upon by other women to start a bathroom revolution – "Join the fight for bathroom safety, Femma…the fight for beauty and luxury. We need freedom from bathroom oppression. Join the fight for better bathrooms."

And so it was that Femma led the story. It began with a declaration that "plumbing" is a feminine business, shoring a profile of the "woman of the 70’s," and the case for change against the status quo, She carried the audience through the Cornell research, to a view of markets in terms of people. Then, the Revolution unfolded in terms of new attitudes, new programs. Then one by one, the real stars of the show were revealed – Economy Wall Surround, Proximatics, Ultra Bath, Bone and Spectra 70.

We sincerely hope that this delightful music helps you to recapture the excitement, color and laughter of the original show. 
Knock yourselves out, ladies.

WFMU has the whole album online.

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