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Star Time #23: Sweet Like Sugar Cane

A show with a defiantly split personality. I got all these songs from the mid-'60s to mid-'70s and slung each one into a trough. The first hour includes songs loosely described as "Northern soul," which for what I can perceive is just another name for melody-oriented pop crossover soul that some British kids came up with (and are curiously passionate about). The second hour is "psychedelic soul," an even more uncertain term, but for our purposes includes a cover of one of Paul McCartney's more whacked-out songs and a tune by Chubby Checker about getting stoned in a bathroom. I wasn't shooting for odd, but sometimes the odd shoots you. This being Star Time #23, it was only right to include "Strawberry Letter 23" on it. My numerology counselor will be tickled to death.

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