Check-In & Playlist: July 16, 2011

Hey, Los Angeles, where I spent five not-bad years of my life! So you can't go anywhere on the 405 for a couple days, eh? So there'll be 30-mile backups that will choke the industry of the weekend, huh? You know what the media's calling it? They're calling it "Carmageddeon!" Either that or "Carpocalypse!" You may be hamstrung and stir-crazy, but you've got your own vehicular catchphrase -- two, even! -- that both describes your hell and mocks it! I feel for ya. Terrible times in the Southland. I mean, getting swept out of the NBA playoffs, and now this?

Here's the thing: Yeah, God's mocking you right now, I know you're in deep. But you know what? God's mocking Seattle, too. Because it's the middle of July, the rest of the nation is jitterbugging al fresco under the sun, and up here in our NBA-less Emerald City we're getting the kind of weather you guys occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, get in the middle of freaking winter. Plus the Mariners are choking, but that's actually right on schedule.

What I'm saying is this: Maybe this would be a great weekend for you all to make a very quick trip to the supermarket (hopefully you're near one), get materials that burn, invite some of those neighbors you don't really know over, and have a barbecue that lasts all weekend. Stay close. Get to know each other. The tar pits will be there for you when the weekend's over. Loosen up, L.A.! You have sun! You can grill things under said sun! We just want a 48-hour window where our climate doesn't resemble middle earth's!

I'm just messin' with ya, L.A., you know I love ya.

Nothing Is Wrong
, Dawes
Where Country Grows, Ashton Shepherd
Join Us, They Might Be Giants
The Old Magic, Nick Lowe

Skying, The Horrors
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