Check-In & Playlist: August 10, 2011

By now the news has gotten out all over, so let's go ahead and confirm it before the implants TMZ stuck in my head start peaking out and flashing that National Enquirer font in front of my eyes: Yes, we're having a third child. Expected date is February 2012. We've had both our other children in leap years and this one (whom I've nicknamed TBD) will follow suit. They've also been election years, which means if political candidates come around town and want to pursue the whole baby-kissing cliché, we'd have a pretty good shot at providing them with a photo op. That is, if we chose to attend a political rally, which, at this point in time, runs against every single one of my inclinations. Also, to those who worry that we are having too many children and over-populating the earth: Rest assured, TBD will be our last project in these efforts. We're done breeding. We've made our point.

24 Hour Karate School Part II, Ski Beatz
Success Is Certain, Royce da 5'9"
Ximena Sariñana (self-titled)
Ghost On The Canvas, Glen Campbell
Chief, Eric Church
Credo, The Human League
Doctor Bird: The Soca Anthology, The Mighty Sparrow

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