Songs Of The Day 4/30/2012: Two from The Vibrations

The Vibrations were a vocal group that had been around practically at the beginning of rock and roll and scored a few minor hits in the '60s. The transitions they went through paralleled how a lot of R&B vocal groups were developed over time, moving from doo-wop to dance crazes, then finally landing in the hands of soul super-producers who updated their style for the slicker urban audience.

"Ain't No Greens In Harlem" from 1972, above, remains one of my favorite discoveries in my history of online obscurity-diving. It comes from the album Taking A New Step, which to my surprise has been reissued in the years since my finding it at an Mp3 blog. The album contains what I consider the authoritative version of the Allman Brothers' "Midnght Rider." It's a great album.

"Love In Them There Hills," below, was produced and co-written by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, and features some crackling auxiliary percussion in the intro. Nothing flushes the toxins out of my system like crackling auxiliary percussion. Remember that for the holidays.

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