Song Of The Day 5/22/2012: Hugh Laurie - "Mystery"

I understand House, the television series, came to a close Monday night. I didn't really watch it past Season 1 because of commitment issues, but I did become a fan of Hugh Laurie. He used to have a very funny sketch comedy series on the BBC with Stephen Fry, of whom I'm also a fan, which made watching that show, A Bit Of Fry & Laurie, very convenient.

To appease the nerd population I will also mention that Laurie was also on Blackadder. There. I said it. Now please don't mess with my hard drive.

This song was originally performed on BOF&L back in 1988; this version was taped on James Lipton's Inside The Actor Studio a few years ago. Inside The Actor Studio is a TV interview series in which actors answer questions posed by a man with a halting, Shatner-esque delivery. "And then... in 1989... you... flush with... considerable respect... and a.... newly acquired.... empowerment... of will.... made a picture.... called... Honey.... I Shrunk... The....Kids."

Fry & Laurie were also in a series called Jeeves and Wooster. I hope that appeases the literary cognoscenti, or as I call them, the Wodehouse Of Pain.

I don't get paid for this.
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