My 7-Year-Old Daughter's Proposal For New Video Game: "Monopoly City Maker For Kinect"

As transcribed as best as possible from the above-shown notebook (spelling errors and continuity gaps corrected):

1. Create avatar.

2. Make rules.

3. Start game. When the game has started you...

4. Roll the dice with your hand.

5. Walk or hop the amount of spaces you rolled.

6. If you land on Community Chest take five extra steps to the big chest and grab an item. Do the same with Chance.

7. If you land on a title deed, you must count amount of money to buy the deed.

8. If you refuse to buy the deed, the auction begins. You have your money and call out the amount you bid. If you are on XBOX Live you hear the other bidders call.

9. Once you own all of (one) color, the top color of the deed disappears, and a blank concrete surface appears. A board pops up and looks like this:

Fire station
Police Station
Post office
Child adoption
Clock Tower
Pet Shop

You do the same as the deed, you count the money to see if you have enough.

10. If you land on a railroad you do the same with every other thing, you count the money.

11. When you own all the railroads, you can build railroads, trains and stations.

12. If you land on a utility, do the same thing (as) with everything else.

13. Once you own all the utilities, you can build an electric company, and build pipes on water works.

14. If you get in jail for committing a crime on someone's property (even your own!) you can't pay $50 to get out, but you can find a way to escape.

15. If you can't get out after two turns, the closest pawn (can) rescue you, but be careful! A dog chases you and if he catches you before you make one time around, the BOTH of you go to jail. This continues until all pawns are in jail. Then everyone is set free.

16. The game is over when someone owns all the property, has all the money, or has five cities with at least one of every building.
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