Song Of The Day 6/25/2012: EBN OZN - "Bag Lady (I Wonder)"

EBN OZN were a duo from downtown New York who had a modest new wave hit with the inexplicable, elliptical yet curiously entertaining synth-pop song "AEIOU Sometimes Y" in 1984. In fact, that bouncy song from the men with triangulated coifs was supposed to be today's Song Of The Day. In searching YouTube, though, I came across this video. Plans changed.

Folks, I just don't know where to begin in describing this freaking masterpiece of early '80s music videography. It stars a visibly disoriented Imogene Coca, the comedian and character actress who engagingly plays the title character. It showcases Robert "OZN" Rosen's uncannily high attention span, as he recites the lyrics with a penetrating, unwavering gaze. He doesn't move. A figure of vague authority, in a uniform that recalls Lou Reed's Transformer period, shoves a gun under OZN's chin and makes out with his girl. And finally, what the does Bag Lady's JFK obsession have to do with any of this?

Sometimes I fantasize that the entire decade of the '80s -- well, up until the Pixies got popular -- took place inside a giant plastic tube, with plush, spongy walls and pressurized atmosphere. You just needed to squeeze a button and the '80s came spraying out all over your trousers. The idea both confounds and comforts me. This video is wonderful.

And it's "Dedicated to all the homeless people..."
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