Song Of The Day 7/13/2012: The Barbarians - "Moulty"

I ordered the Nuggets box set last night. I believe this is the third time I've purchased the Nuggets box set. I kept losing the others to ex-girlfriends, poker games, stray bullets, stuff like that. I get careless. Anyway, I'm ever so happy to be getting it back again, as it's my favorite box set of all time.

A lot of you veterans of the '60s incident will know this one. Although it's credited to The Barbarians, allegedly Moulty, the original one-handed drummer, was backed up on this song by Levon Helm & The Hawks, minus Levon Helm. Later they became The Band. You want more trivia? I said "Do you want more trivia!" Fine: The producer on this song is Doug Morris, who later became the head of Universal Music Group, and is currently the CEO of Sony Music. Also, Wink Martindale left his fountain pen in the control room where this song was recorded, not far from a well-furnished loft where Brigitte Bardot once taught a neophyte young man the ways of sensuous living. And that young man, my friends, was me.

Man, it's been a long week.
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