Song Of The Day 7/2/2012: Elton John - "Roy Rogers"

Running through my head for a week. A couple of weeks ago I watched an episode of the Classic Albums series on Netflix, about the making of Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Those of you who were around in 1973 when the album came out might remember its opulent packaging. The sucker sprawled. It was a double-album to begin with, featuring a garish lyric booklet -- not a sheet, a booklet -- with each song getting a miniature portrait or still life accompanying the words. This was the point Elton was transforming into a superstar. On the back cover was a drawn head shot of Elton, smiling in his glasses, his name etched in cursive lights. This was one seriously well-funded art department. The most ostentatious album package ever, and I'm including Sgt. Pepper, Tommy, and Bobby Goldsboro's 10th Anniversary Album.

It's interesting that this was Elton's breakout moment, his most extravagant release, because the songs on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road were all fairly melancholy. There's a tamed sadness in most of the songs, even "Bennie and the Jets." There are two records full of giving up, acting out and reconciling disappointments. "Roy Rogers" might be the saddest.

Thanks, you go and have a nice day too.
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