Song Of The Day 7/4/2012: David Naughton - "Makin' It"

I'm sorry. I know you're all expecting a 4th of July specific song today, not the theme song to an ill-fated disco sitcom starring the American werewolf who later tried to sell us Dr. Pepper. But this song just kept coming up last night to the point where I couldn't ignore it. Karaoke might have been involved. I can't comment.

But honestly, you guys, in these tough times, what song embodies American exceptionalism better than "Makin' It"? Look at David Naughton: those piercing eyes, that self-determination. You can almost feel the velour brushing up against you. This was our hope 35 years ago, and if it's good enough for the era when Aaron Spelling was king and Pong was our national pastime, dammit, it's good enough for now.

Happy 4th! Get down tonight! Just be careful, we just waxed the floors.
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