Song Of The Day 7/9/2012: Swamp Dogg - "The Mind Does The Dancing While The Body Pulls The Strings"

Swamp Dogg, who turns 70 this week, has the best song titles in all of R&B. "If You're Leaving (Take Me With You)," "Eat The Goose Before The Goose Eats You," "My Hang-Ups Ain't Hung Up No More," "Kiss Me Hit Me Touch Me," "Choking To Death From The Ties That Bind," "I Couldn't Pay For What I Got Last Night"... If you string all his song titles together, you'd have the funkiest Ionesco play ever written.

Also, Swamp Dogg rules. This song has a nearly unbearable build-up. Then Dogg strikes. I don't think you can stop him with a Word document.
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