Song Of The Day 8/16/2012: John Cale - "Perfect"

Look, guys. I've already done two Songs Of The Day this summer that were in some way related to the Mariners. One for the no-hitter against the Dodgers, the other for Ichiro's departure. I really thought we were done with baseball-oriented posts, because we're Seattle. We already had our maximum of two momentous occasions this year. We're not New York, where every time Derek Jeter gives a good tip it's all over the Post the next morning. We're Seattle. We're in last place. Yet people still go on with their lives. I don't get it, but they do.

But there's no way I could do those other two Songs Of The Day and then not do something for Felix Hernandez's perfect game yesterday against the Rays. The greatest pitching performance in M's history. Felix pitching a no-hitter at some point in his career was damn near inevitable; I just thought it would happen after he became a member of the Yankees or the Red Sox. So obviously I'm giddy it happened at Safeco, which after three no-hitters in one season alone can pretty much be christened as The House Where Batting Averages Go To Die. (Especially if you're a Mariner.)

So this has to be about Felix. However, I'm out of baseball songs. This song about perfection will have to suffice. Long live the King.
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