Song Of The Day 9/18/2012: Brendan Benson - "Me Just Purely"

Back in '95 or '96 at the Oasis Listening Station Program & Alternative Tobacconists, we featured a brief EP by Brendan Benson, containing what were essentially acoustic demo versions of many songs that were featured on his solo debut One Mississippi. These versions were never commercially released (unless they showed up on the 2003 reissue which I do not have). So I'm making a blatant appeal to anyone who has any of those demos hidden in their attic or stuck between the sofa cushions to let me hold them for a little bit. I miss them so.

This song, co-written with Jason Falkner -- another big favorite of mine from the L.A. scene in those days -- is one of those songs that came along exactly at the time I needed it. I could use it now; maybe you can too.
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