Song Of The Day 10/11/2012: Renzo Cesana (The Continental) - "You Go To My Head"

Christopher Walken used to do this utterly great solo sketch whenever he hosted Saturday Night Live called "The Continental." The skit took place in a luxury apartment. Walken played a hopelessly sophisticated, exotic Lothario who kept trying to up the seduction as his unseen prey tried to leave his apartment.

I loved the bit, but didn't know until I saw Walken recently on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that "The Continental" sketch was based on an actual CBS show that aired for three months in 1952. It was a 15-minute show (which was common to the networks in those days) that aired before all the stations closed down for the night, and featured the same camera and dialogue conceits as Walken's skit. The actor who played The Continental was an Italian guy named Renzo Cesana. This track is a musical by-product of idiosyncrasy from that TV show.

For comparison, here's one of the Walken skits:

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