Song Of The Day 10/2/2012: The Style Council - "The Paris Match"

This song appeared on Paul Weller's first official release after the breakup of The Jam: the EP Introducing The Style Council in 1983. When The Style Council released their full-length album Café Bleu the following year, "The Paris Match" appeared on it, in a drastically slowed-down version with Tracey Thorne from Everything But The Girl singing lead.

The version you hear above, from what I can tell, is no longer commercially available. That mystifies me, because this may be the best vocal Weller ever recorded, and the most haltingly beautiful chord progression of any of his songs (especially at the end). Cameo appearance by the French language. There's not a single thing wrong with this song. It's perfect. I'll bet even the recording engineer was well-dressed. Hell, he might have even been polite.
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