Song Of The Day 10/28/2012: Screamin' Jay Hawkins - "She Put The Wamee On Me"

Relationships are never truly equal, are they?

Incidentally, I'm open to changing the spelling of "Wamee" in the title if someone can find me an official proclamation. I've seen "Whammee," "Wammee," and only one instance of the supposed correct spelling, "Whammy." I can't ask Screamin' Jay because he's been dead for 12 years, as a lot of us have been.

By the way, this fits into our Halloween theme because (1) it's Screamin' Freaking Jay, and (2) I interpret "Wamee" as being some vaguely voodoo-related gesticulation. Hopefully it's not merely a wet-nap or a drink in the face or something like that. And it was too early to be the Whammy's from the game show Press Your Luck. So we're going with the malevolent supernatural aspect of the phrase "Wamee." Feel free to call Standards & Practices if you have an issue with this.
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