Song Of The Day 11/13/2012: Jesse Fuller - "San Francisco Bay Blues"

REDDING, CA -- At some point this afternoon I'll be driving the white hearse into San Francisco, my first visit since '07 or '08, I think. There's no town like San Francisco in which to experience at least part of a transitional phase. I lived there for five years, and at least two of them were part of a transitional phase. Probably more, if I were to sit down and look at the receipts. I remember S.F. fondly. I don't get the feeling we're done. But the last time I thought I wasn't done with something, they were done with me. Which led to a transitional phase.

This kind of writing only proves I should have hung out at City Lights bookstore much more than I did. I know already it'll be great to see you again, San Francisco.
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