Song Of The Day 11/24/2012: The Bluebells - "I'm Falling"

TUMWATER, WA -- This is the first SOTD entry to ever be prepared on an Apple product. It is a Mac Pro Book 13 with a "retina" display. I kept hearing that phrase in my head as "retsina,"which is a Greek wine, but in turn I kept getting that word confused with "retsyn," the brand name given to the mysterious hybrid in Certs Breath Mints which gave them their awesome, breath-conquering power. Retsyn was nothing more than an advertising gimmick. It did not appear on the periodic table of elements or anything like that.

Yeah, I can tell this thing is going to shoot my creativity through the roof. Hang on kids. Please enjoy this wholesome favorite from my new wave adolescence from the Bluebells.
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