Song Of The Day 11/28/2012: Professor Elemental - "I'm British"

Tell that autumn chill to shove off! The dreariness of your day is now officially over before it began. The most eagerly awaited music video of the year (for me anyway) finally appeared on dependable video channels early yesterday morning. It's from a friend of this blog, Professor Elemental, and it's for one of the songs from his ambitious new album Father Of Invention. The Prof went toe-to-toe with Meredith Viera during the Olympics earlier this year and graciously let her win. If that's not a sign that you should be on his bandwagon, you shouldn't be involved with either bands or wagons.

Also, for those of you who saw Elemental appear ever so briefly in this blog's post for Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer's "Just Like A Chap," look for a return in kind. Also, if you get the new album, you'll get a more than satisfactory resolution to Elemental's and Mr. B's long-time feud. In fact you'll get a more than satisfactory result from the whole album.

No overly used adjectives can explain how nice it is to have you back, Professor. (Although "nice" is an adjective, but not a very descriptive one.)
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