Song Of The Day 12/15/2012: The Business - "Step Into Christmas"

(Note: This entry was written on Wednesday, Dec. 12, and set to automatically publish on Dec. 15 at that time.)

On the second day of Christmas, I give you snot-nosed punks taking it to a future knight. The Business were from the Oi! camp of punk rock. "Oi!" was a very useful subgenre for the release of pent-up hormonal frustrations. The exhortation of "Oi!" was scientifically proven to boost the male ego, increase underage alcohol consumption, and in some areas, lead to significant weight loss without changing one's diet.

Oh, okay. I suppose it's foolish of me to lampoon populist music. I had a teenage past as well. A lot of punk was involved, though mine was more like the Dead Kennedys, who bothered to write lyrics. I had to punch holes in walls sometimes, it's just what we did. And at least the Business' populism provided them with a bonafide hit with an English football anthem about a decade ago. Wait -- that doesn't make any of this sound any better, does it?

This is The Business, taking Sir Elton John's '70s holiday hit, and rewriting the lyrics to make it a tribute to getting soused.
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