Song Of The Day 12/21/2012: Marvin Gaye - "Purple Snowflakes"

On the eighth day of Christmas, I give you a more inclement interpretation of themes Prince wrangled with. (Give me a break, I went a long way for that one.) "Purple Snowflakes" was recorded by Marvin Gaye in 1964. How did the snowflakes get purple? We do not know. There was an urban legend that over-chlorinating your swimming pool would turn the water purple, but it's not true, and furthermore doesn't apply in this circumstance. No chemical can turn water purple.

A couple years ago there was a purple snowfall in Southern Russia. Scientists conjectured that the snow was infused with dust particles from Africa. Citizens were warned not to eat it.

"Purple Snow" is also the name of a strain of medicinal marijuana.

We're here to serve.

(Thanks to Diane Karagienakos.)
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