Song Of The Day 12/2/2012: Captain & Tennille - "Easy Evil"

I took a look at this blog's numbers the other day. Found some neat insights. First among them is that this blog's pageviews have gone through the roof since I changed its appearance last month. November saw the highest monthly pageviews in this blog's history, more than double the previous high (December 2011, which is when the Tori Amos interview appeared).

The other notable statistic was what search strings drive people to this blog. There is a clear, not-even-close leader in this regard: "captain and tennille." That's #1. By more than twice the number of the string in second place, which not surprisingly is "paul pearson." And #3 is "the captain and tennille," which if you add to the #1 search string, increases the cumulative references to more than three times the amount of "paul pearson."

All very interesting stuff. Even more interesting is the number of times I've mentioned Captain & Tennille on this blog before today: zero.

I searched the blog for any mentions of "tennille" and "tenille." There have been none. Not even in passing. I have not praised them, I have not mocked them. I've not even thought of them while typing. As far this blog is concerned, they have been a complete non-entity. So I have no clue whatsoever why people who search for them eventually wind up here. I'm wondering if it's my past association with a gentleman who once went by the screen name "Captain Tenille" [sic]. But that doesn't make sense.

Anyway, I figured, since Daryl & Toni seem to be driving traffic to this blog by virtue of their mere existence, the least I could do in my limited powers is give them a Song Of The Day, as long as it wasn't the intolerable, yet requested, "Muskrat Love." Have you no decency?

This is one of the C&T songs I can tolerate. Written by Alan O'Day, the man who brought you "Undercover Angel," and featuring one of the Captain's patented half-decipherable, keyboard-talkbox come-ons in the middle.

So, well... um, thanks, I guess, to Captain & Tennille for your... um, contribution to this blog's success. Guess I have to put you on my Christmas card list. Shall I include your bulldogs?
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