Song Of The Day 12/25/2012: Wonderful World Of Joey - "What Sweet Child O' Mine Is This?"

On the twelfth day of Christmas, otherwise known as "Christmas," I give you -- Joey Cheezhee! The roller-skating lounge singer from San Francisco, who led a band named the Velveeta Underground (I saw them live!) until General Foods threatened to sue him. The two parties settled in 1991. (Cheezhee issued a statement: "I just want to get on with my life and get this Velveeta monkey off my back once and for all. I have the highest regard for Kraft and hope that my shelf life as a lounge singer is anywhere near that of Velveeta.")

This song appeared on Nard Wuar the Human Serviette's compilation Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rock Angst, one of the greatest compilations ever issued. As for this number, honestly, I don't think we could have dreamed up a more appropriate song for this day.

Tomorrow it's back to heathenism. But for now, Merry Christmas everybody!

(Special thanks to Greg Chapin.)
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