Song Of The Day 12/30/2012: Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra - "What Keeps Mankind Alive?"

I made the mistake of attempting "Rock Me Amadeus" at karaoke during my last night in Olympia. For those who don't know or who have chosen to forget, most of Falco's original was delivered in German. I assumed the lyrics on the TV screen would be at least somewhat phonetic-looking, like French tends to be. But it wasn't. The Germans threw everything they could at me. For example, this character: ß. I haven't a clue. Is it a cross between a "b" and an "f"? Am I supposed to make a blowing noise? The audience kindly applauded my audacity.

So I thought I should offer an atonement to the Germanic and Old Saxon population by presenting a great version of Kurt Weill's "What Keeps Mankind Alive?" by Bremner Duthie, a cabaret artist from Long Island who recreates the original German lyric in the first verse. But I can't find it online, so instead, you get an all-English version from my fellow Evergreen alum Mirah, and the Black Cat Orchestra. It's just as good, and every bit as doom-laden. Enjoy!
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