Song Of The Day 12/31/2012: Barry Manilow - "It's Just Another New Year's Eve"

Hey you guys! We're still here! We made it through the Mayans' wholly depressing predictions, survived the election, got our oil changed and frickin' made it! See that broad vista of op-pra-tunity out there? It's ours for the taking!

I joke, of course. We have no control over our destinies. Sorry about that.

But we'll be all right. We'll see new crap. We'll pull ourselves up by our bootstraps like Frank Capra told us to do and we'll figure this shit out. And I know what you're wondering: "Hey, rube, where's Barry Manilow to put all this folderol in its proper context?" Here he is, buttercup.

In the meantime, have some drinks, don't lose your senses, make sure all your bodily parts are still attached or at least functioning.

My sincere thanks to you all for patronizing this blog. It'll get better, I promise.

Happy New Year.

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