Song Of The Day 12/8/2012: Tommy Seebach - "Apache"

Bad music videos have dominated the "news of the weird" section lately, what with the inexplicably Grammy-nominated song from Al Walser and a high school's "Gangnam Style" parody that's been labeled the worst video on the internet. All this is bringing my current status of being between gigs pertinence and resonance. Thanks, web. Really, you shouldn't have.

Of course I've been sharing these awkward videos on Facebook, and in response to one of them, my friend Jeff Sowell uncovered a masterpiece from Danish musician Tommy Seebach. All that really needs to be said about Seebach is he's entered the Eurovision Song Contest seven times, and won three.   He's sort of like a Boogie Nights version of James Last.

The 1977 video for "Apache" -- a cover of the Incredible Bongo Band's classic (which was in turn a cover of The Shadows' classic) -- is in a class by itself. I'm just going to let this video happen to you. Let's enjoy it together, shall we?
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