Top Songs Of The Day 2012: #20-16

I've always wanted to do a Casey Kasem-like end-of-year countdown, and thankfully the introduction of Song Of The Day back in March afforded me that opportunity. SOTD started because I read somewhere that fresh content on a daily basis increases your manhood, and your pageviews. I think they were right.

In the next five days I'll be counting down the 20 most popular Songs Of The Day in 2012, based on total pageviews throughout the year (well, through Christmas morning). There were many surprises, especially in the highest echelons. I'm doing this in chunks over the next five days so as to heighten your tension and suspense. 'Cause what would Kasem do? That's a question we all need to ask at some point, isn't it?

Off we go:

This was my tribute to the antiquated but still revered Chapman Stick, rendered here by Tony Levin.

19. Francis & The Lights - "The Top" (8/23)
Offered two songs from Francis & The Lights on 8/23 -- technically speaking this was the "B-Side." However, "The Top" is one of the greatest music videos I've ever seen, so I'm pulling rank and giving it the nod. Francis is a performer I feel particularly strongly about, I suggest you patronize anything he sees fit to do. But especially this.

18. Andre Williams - "Let Me Put It In" (8/19)
From the old-old-school R&B crazy person. "Let Me Put It In" is not about shoving coins into vending machines.

17. M83 - "Car Chase Terror" (5/4)
Inspired by a near-fatal near-accident I had on I-90 one morning.

16. Satchel - "Without Love" (4/28)
There was no deep meaning behind this one; just pure love for Shawn Smith's voice.

Tomorrow: Top Songs Of The Day 2012, #15-#11. I'm Casey Kasem.
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