Top Songs Of The Day 2012: #5-2

Edging closer to the top, we offer a soulful self-determination, a middle-of-the-road queen hopped up on psychedelics, a flight attendant with a Messianic complex, and drunks.

5. Lou Rawls - "Natural Man" (8/15)
This song kept me alive at one point. There are lots of reasons why and I won't explain any of them.

4. Helen Reddy - "Summer of '71" (4/27)
How did this get up here? Was it the shock value of Reddy singing about taking hallucinogens in such a casual way? Not a bad song by any means, but you druggies really liked this one.

3. 10cc - "I'm Mandy Fly Me"(6/30)
The most surprisingly popular SOTD of the year for me. I haven't been able to find out why this was such a big hit. It's my favorite 10cc song, but I didn't think I pulled that much weight.

2. The Handsome Family - "Drunk By Noon" (9/17)
The most popular Crowdsourced Song Of The Day, suggested by Brooks Martin. 

And the #1 Song Of The Day for 2012 is...
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