Song Of The Day 1/2/2013: Malvina Reynolds - "I Don't Mind Failing"

Malvina Reynolds (1900-1978) was a progressive political worker in the 40's and 50's who happened to attend folk music festivals as an extension of her job. She didn't start songwriting until she was well into her thirties. When the '60s came around she was more than ready for the political folk boom spearheaded by Pete Seeger. Reynolds was a little more caustic and funny than many of her younger peers. If you ever watched the Showtime series Weeds, then you already know her song "Little Boxes," which was the theme.

"I Don't Mind Failing" is even more direct, biting, and given our standards for success over the last decade-plus, refreshing. I'd love to see her take apart a boardroom, Keith Moon style. Except with acoustic folk songs.
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