Song Of The Day 1/22/2013: She Does Is Magic - "You'll Miss Me"

She Does Is Magic, presumably named after the latter half of the title of a Police song I legitimately love, are from Indianapolis. They're one of the more attractive listening propositions that's come across my desk lately. Their latest album is called My Height In Heels. Half of the songs are guitar instrumentals, with a surf-rock feel but a more melodic cadence. They're not quite ambient, but they don't pull out the bombast just to shower the girls in the front row with seltzer water. They have elements of the familiar and the comfortable, but they're so addictive that they're not letting me get my work done this afternoon. I wish their album were longer, but it was over before I knew what was happening to me. So they're economical too. I highly recommend these people. If you see them please give them positive reinforcement. This is a song you've felt in your heart at one time or another.
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