Song Of The Day 2/15/2013: Stevie Wonder - "Ngiculela/Es Una Historia/I Am Singing"

My son John is one year old today. Out of all my kids, John's first year has been the fastest. That might have something to do with my own advancement in age and the theory that time gets shorter as you get older. But I don't want to take away from the whole miracle thing. We have stock in Pampers. I would hate to subvert their marketing.

John's middle name is Stevland, after Stevie Wonder, the best musician who ever lived during my lifetime, and a person who's known for radiating as much joy as possible over his lifetime. As we saw during the Super Bowl, that includes voodoo-themed beer commercials. Whatever John does in his life, I hope it follows the sentiment of this song, and maybe the beer commercials. It's really his choice. Happy birthday son. You're doing great so far.
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