Song Of The Day 3/21/2013: Reginald Bosanquet - "Dance With Me"

The late Reginald Bosanquet was an anchorman for British news provider ITN. He anchored News At Ten in the late '70s. In terms of an American equivalent, I'd put him around the level of Harry Reasoner. He liked his booze. Frequently his bosses at ITN made him walk a straight line heel-to-toe to prove that he wasn't drunk. One of his wives left him because he installed a billiards table in the middle of their flat. His co-anchor for a time was a woman named Anna Ford. The first thing he said to her was "Do you play darts?" His autobiography is entitled Let's Get Through Wednesday. This is a man I can fully support. He retired in 1979.

In 1980, this appeared. I do not know how it appeared. I do not know why it appeared. Details on the history of this record appear to be somewhat spotty. It just materialized from the ghost of a filtered dawn somewhere in England. In several British music polls, this song is often named "The Worst Song Of All Time." I could not disagree more strongly. For one, you cannot debate that this is the greatest disco record ever put out by a major network anchorman in the history of the medium. Who was better? Ed Murrow? Dan Rather? Maybe Brian Williams could pull it off, but not in 1980.

This is a breathtaking, masterpiece track. Your mission is to remix this song so we can push it up the charts here in America. I'm pulling my leisure suit out of mothballs and heading down to the Howard Johnson lounge right now. Hey baby, ever made it with a newsman?

Here are the lyrics.

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