Song Of The Day 3/28/2013: Utopia - "Cry Baby"

You may have figured out by now that in matters of Todd Rundgren, I am in the Pop Todd Army, rather than the Prog Todd March Towards A Higher Understanding. Sometimes we get in cage matches and scrape each other up. We should start charging. Todd's 1972 solo album Something/Anything? remains my favorite album of all time by anyone or anything ever, any genre, any year, any language, any EQ setting. Whereas his more complicated work, like half of Todd, all of Initiation and the first three albums by Todd's band Utopia left me chilly.* Utopia worked in the opposite direction and got more song-oriented in their later albums. That's when I started paying attention. Their second-to-last album Oblivion contained "Cry Baby," one of quite a few Rundgren songs that should have been much bigger hits than they were. They would be huge in a perfect universe. A utopia, if you will. I just did.

*Huge exception: Healing, which is as close to new age music as I'll ever drift, but is a damn fine album anyway.
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