Song Of The Day 3/7/2013: The Billy Nayer Show - "Hey Boy!"

This is a clip from The American Astronaut, a science fiction comedy written and directed by Cory McAbee of The Billy Nayer Show. The American Astronaut was a source of bonding for a few of us in Olympia when it was screened at The Brotherhood in the summer of 2003. A few months ago, when I was at the Bourbon Bar on a Sunday night at the Columbia City Theater, it was showing on the TV behind the bar. "Hey!" I said, "that's The American Astronaut!" The bartender whipped his head around. "My favorite movie. Ever." Perhaps we need a new classification of cinema: "bar movies." Like "midnight movies" or "cult movies" or whatever. Because the only time I've seen The American Astronaut has been in bars (though I notice with some relish it's now streaming on Netflix).

Explaining this clip is silly, so I'll just note the actors performing the dancing and singing on this clip: Mark Manley (mustache) and Ned Sublette (long head).
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