Song Of The Day 3/9/2013: Caitlin Rose - "Piledriver Waltz"

Caitlin Rose's new album The Stand-In was my big platter-of-the-week. (Yes, I still envision long-form musical offerings as disc-shaped apparatuses. That won't die easily.) Everything goes right. It's what I would have expected from Nashville country in 2013 about 15 years ago, if I was using Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels On A Gravel Road as a guide map. But there are lots of nods to Owen Bradley and Loretta Lynn on it as well. Enthusiastic nods. Eyeglasses falling off and the whole bit. You should obtain The Stand-In with money immediately. This song, however, is a cover of an Arctic Monkeys song that was released on Record Store Day last year, featuring Caitlin as one of a pair of very well-adjusted rodeo clowns.
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