Song Of The Day 4/28/2013: Kvelertak - "Blodtørst"

Day 3 of Metal Week. We're still stuck in Scandinavia. Kvelertak are from Norway, where they take their metal very, very seriously. I like them because they're obviously just pure barbarians. That doesn't really narrow the field of Norwegian metal practitioners down, I realize, but there's something extra spunky about Kvelertak. They have an NSFW video for a song called "Månelyst" which is basically just a series of homages to historic horror films. I almost chose it, but I like this song better. The basic concept of the video, it appears to me, is a bunch of brutal savages killing and eating a pig. However, the pig somehow comes back to life, summons an enraged sky god, and proceeds to eat the savages with either its own intestines or an army of flatworms. Just like real life.

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