Song Of The Day 4/1/2013: brokeNCYDE - "Freaxxx"

How could this brilliant piece of music have eluded me for the last five years? I love this song. Actually, it's safe to say I've never heard anything remotely like it. Probably one of the most potent statements on youth in transition that I've ever heard. Really, it's in the casual fearlessness of this song's primal rush. It's in the haunting scream punctuating the downbeat of the chorus, the delicately implied fragility of the mechanized vocals (is it gemeinschaft or welschmerz? Leave us to our own deliberations). Functionally, all components serve as a gazetteer to a journey through the Thelemic abyss. Once we might have thought that generation we nurtured may be gaily trickling downward towards uncertainty. Only their indomitable élan reverses the common perspective. Largely, it's we of the ripened genera who observe them from below. Songs like this deserve permanent enshrinement in the annals of music.

I'm not the only person who feels strongly about them, either!

(Just in case the "reveal" in this piece is too subtle -- 

April Fools.)
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