Song Of The Day 4/18/2013: Lorraine Ellison - "Stay With Me"

I'm DJ'ing a show with my longtime companion Rob Keefe next Wednesday, April 24 at the Brotherhood Lounge in Olympia. Here's the Facebook invite. We'll be playing classic and rare soul and R&B. If you happen to be in Olympia, or are traveling through Olympia, or need a reason to go to Olympia, or if you're thinking of moving your business there and would like a sampling of the nightlife, or if you're dead but are looking for a good excuse to resurrect yourself, or if you have money, by all means consider coming. Rob and I done it before. We have hopes that we'll do it again, but you never know. This could be our swan song. Or the beginning of a beloved tradition. There's just so many unknowns. Anyway, show up. It might sound a little something like this.

In searching for material for this show I came upon this incredible vocal performance from Lorraine Ellison (1931-83), which was probably too intense for the Top 40. It may be a little too slow for our DJ gig, but it's not too slow for crying in your beer and cursing the moonlight.
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