Song Of The Day 4/20/2013: Sebadoh - "Gimme Indie Rock"

I don't know what deal you people have about scheduling all these non-religious holidays on the same day, but 4/20 is giving me a considerable editorial headache. Is it Earth Day? Is it Record Store Day? Is it Everybody-Must-Get-Stoned Day? I have to make these decisions. Ultimately I decided I'd rotate it every year. Since last year we covered the potheads, I figured this year we'd go with brick-and-mortar music fans. And technically Sebadoh's "Gimme Indie Rock" covers both the mary-jee-wanna and record stores, since it directly mentions smoking pot. You're welcome. You can exhale now. (rimshot)

Next year we'll do Earth Day and tackle some sort of environmental commentary I'm wholly unqualified to dispense. Remind me to post this song up on 4/20/2014. Unless you freaks decide you need to have a holiday for George Takei's birthday (which actually doesn't seem like that bad of an idea to me).

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