Song Of The Day 4/24/2013: Earth, Wind & Fire - "Yearnin' Learnin'"

All right. It's game day. We've taken the precautions. We've hired security. We've hired bartenders. We've hired people from modeling school to stand around just so the whole thing looks good. We've hired longshoremen to stand around just to prove we're still down with the common man. We got a billboard outside DuPont. We got a guy dressed up as a sandwich standing on the side of the road outside Rochester. We got party streamers. We got collapsable sponges. We got centurion helmets made out of tortillas. We got a plastic doohickey and we don't know what it does. We got a horse costume that fits three people because we're all in this together. We got tape. We got custodians with strict instructions. We got a wayback machine. We got the whole world in our hands. We got tonight, who needs tomorrow. We gotta get out of this place. We gotta get you a woman. We got a captive establishment that we're going to take on a three-hour tour, a three-hour tour. And finally we got grease pencils.

We got this. See you tonight Olympia.

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