Song Of The Day 4/26/2013: Black Sabbath - "After Forever"

In one of those sudden turns of events that seem to happen if I redeem enough Blue Chip stamps and light the right incense (and it's not jasmine if that's what you were thinking), I'm heading to Los Angeles next week for the Revolver Magazine Golden Gods Awards. I'm "on assignment."

The Golden Gods Awards are now in their fifth year. They're for heavy metal and hard rock artists. It's a very good idea for metal and hard rock bands to have their own awards shows, because if you leave it up to the Grammy people to give out a heavy metal award, sometimes they do something crazy like give it to Jethro Tull. There's less chance of something insane like that happening at the Golden Gods Awards. The checks and balances are much, much tighter, and scofflaws are not tolerated.

The thing is, though, out of me and my male peer group consisting of those in my general age, weight, build and demographic, I'm probably in the bottom 5 percentile when it comes to heavy metal familiarity or knowledge. It's just not the direction I went in to begin with, and I've played catch-up since about age 30. But if there's anything I love doing, it's full-scale immersion, like Rosetta Stone. And music streaming is especially helpful if you want to brainwash yourself with metal, the way Dave Mustaine tells you the government is doing with fluoridated water or whatever crazy-ass shit he believes now.

So that's what I've been doing this week. I figured nothing would promote the very measured schizophrenia of this blog like following up a week of R&B oldies with a week of metal, or metal-like substances -- I don't want to piss off the metal fundamentalists who freak out when I mess up genre terminology, so I'm gonna give myself as many outs as I can.

I do love the first three Black Sabbath albums pretty unconditionally, though, and "After Forever" has always been my favorite song on those first three. It seems appropriate to start this week of getting my ass handed to me in gym class with this one.

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