Song Of The Day 4/30/2013: Blackwater Park - "Rock Song"

Day 5 of Metal Week continues with Blackwater Park, a German band fronted by a British man who released exactly one album, entitled Dirt Box. It was originally released on BASF Records. That is indeed the same German company that invented magnetic recording tape, and ergo magnetic data storage in general, back in the 1930's. Blackwater Park's sole long-player has become one of those rediscovered cult favorites, to the point where Opeth actually named their best-regarded album after the band. "Rock Song" is cheekily under-named, since it's an 8-plus minute work that goes all over the place. Maybe they realized they'd never top it. Indeed, it is the most powerful record on the star-packed BASF Records roster. Yep, that's right, I said it. Even better than Jigsaw.

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