Song Of The Day 4/7/2013: Hawkwind - "Lost Johnny"

One of the greatest songs about the abundance of medication offerings in contemporary society. Co-written by Lemmy Kilmister and Mick Farren (who was just here last month), this neat little hellscape name-checks valium, morphine, and that sexy beast Tuinal. And the narrative's about a heroin addict, highlighted by the supremely awesome line "Berlin girls with sharp white teeth are waiting in the night." Don't worry, be happy!

Lemmy re-recorded a slightly superior version of this song with Motörhead, the metal band he formed after Hawkwind sacked him for his cocaine bust. Which wound up being a good thing, because Lemmy's unique bass playing style needed to be unchained, and spacey Hawkwind probably wouldn't have had any use for it down the road.

By the way, you can now buy Motörheadphones.

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