Song Of The Day 5/15/2013: Clasiqueros - "Karma Camaléon"

Quarterly Covers Report: Hampered as I am by my monolingualism, I've only been able to learn a little about Argentinian cover band Clasiqueros, with the appealingly Yoda-on-downers help of Google Translate. Clasiqueros have been knocking around about nine years, updating hits of the '70s, '80s and '90s into modern tropical Latin songs, with some beautifully cheesy drum machine rolls and a lot of verve. I stumbled onto this because I was looking for Electric Light Orchestra covers, and found Clasiqueros' version of "Last Train to London." Then I discovered their rendition of Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon." They even managed to attractively replicate the harmonica introduction, with what they got. ¡Disfrutar! (Note: That means "Enjoy!" in Spanish, though I have no idea whether "¡Disfrutar!" is something Spanish-speaking peoples actually say. Did I mention I used Google Translate?)

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