Song Of The Day 5/16/2013: Har Mar Superstar - "Alone Again (Naturally)"

Quarterly Covers Report: First of all: You're totally welcome for that photo. When I first played this cover of Gilbert O'Sullivan's classic weeper for my friend Rob Keefe he asked me who was doing it. "Har Mar Superstar," I replied. Rob then said one of the lines I best remember that ever came from his mouth: "Oh... that's a cuddle and a half." Har Mar Superstar, who just released a new album last month, is a persona developed by Sean Tillmann. He was a little paunchy, and frequently wore nothing but a pair of briefs in performance. A lot of his songs were modern R&B restatements of his advanced sexual prowess. It was genius, unnerving theater. This cover was the closing track on his 2004 album The Handler, and for all its electronic trappings, it actually sounds sincere.

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