Roundup of stuff I've written for other sites over the last couple of months

I keep forgetting to mention that I'm not just writing for Paul Pearson: The Blog™™ these days. No siree. I'm not just some late-night blogger in a tinfoil beret crafting random screeds fueled by Four Loko and avarice. There are other websites fool enough generous enough to ask me to write something for them, sometimes for actual cash money. I haven't linked to them on this blog because, and I swear this is true, it keeps slipping my mind. But maybe I should, because if you see them here, perhaps you'll be inspired to give me an assignment to keep your music site from slipping into irrelevance like my blog has. Wouldn't wish that on my bitterest rival.

So here's a list of links you're free to check out:
There you go. Have a blast. Thank you internet.

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