Song Of The Day 6/11/2013: Elli et Jacno - "Je t'aime tant"

Elli Medeiros and Denis Quilliard, whose publicist called him "Jacno," were in the French sort-of punk band The Stinky Toys, a perfectly serviceable organization that made some agreeable diversions. However, reviews of their work outside France were so underwhelming that their label thought they'd just release their stuff in their homeland. They broke up in 1979, so Elli and Jacno slid over to the synth-pop side to test the waters there. The waters were fine. E&J made three albums and then split up. Elli went on to have a solo career a little bit like Madonna's in that she exposed her navel quite a bit. She also did an off-kilter, Nico-esque cover of Duke Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady". In addition, she acted. There were no injuries.

"Je t'aime tant" (I finally remembered, the French don't initial-cap their titles) is a skittish portrait of fatal attraction in which, if Google Translate is reliable, Elli proclaims her love by making bloody scores on her arm. That's one way, indeed. I might have said it with flowers or jewelry or by remembering to lower the toilet seat, but self-mutilation is certainly another option, ill-advised as it may be. It makes me very Catherine Deneuve-ous. And yes, this entire entry was organized only so I could make that pun. SEO, baby.

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